If being bored with a staple or unchanging diet is your current experience, then it is more likely that you have this feeling about other bigger aspects of your daily living. Therefore to address these bigger aspects before trying to fix smaller symptoms of boredom with diet or cuisine. Go change your emotional landscape, such as going outside comfort zone and getting embarassed, and see if boredom with your staple and unchanging diet is still dominant. The chances are that they become secondary and negligible in the face of the bigger problem, the bigger change in your landscape.
Or better still, explore the boredom itself, where the symptom is wanting to eat or needing diet variety, and trace that back to where it comes from, and the landscape from where it comes. If you identify that underlying boredom or lack of challenge, or lack of a bigger problem, then you can fix the problem for ever.

A colleague responds that he listens to his feelings to decide between choices, such as between flavours and cuisines of food, rather than thinking. But I point out that if you rely on feelings, then unless your feelings are doing cognitive imagination and projection and concluding, they will never see alternatives to what they have encountered before. It is only through cognition (which uses the felt feelings and remembered feelings and models alternatives) that you could identify an alternative that is outside your experience or repository of feelings.