The three avenues of effort are pillars or columns under their respective menu titles.

Initial first time visits to the site will inspect each of the top menu/pages. The top of that first page should have a summary that leads to an unlikely “Cool, get this, read down some more” or a more likely “Don’t get this, maybe About will help”.

The ‘about’ under each pillar presents a perspective or two on what it’s about, and how the pillars relate to each other.  There are a couple of other sub pages in each pillar that give more and deeper ‘about’, and these are ‘Other nutshells’ and ‘Other perspectives’.

If you’re still navigating, you’ll choose an avenue to drill into.

Each avenue has a different challenge or hurdle to ‘hit oil’ further down.

EsSample is a bit dry and theoretical, and exists only to support EsSample+. And I’m not sure how much more there is to say on it.

EsSolution is mostly unrelated to the other two, and more conventional in format and proposals. Drilling into the proposals is like drilling into politics and utopias, and more familiar.

EsSample+ is the difficult one, because readers and practitioners will come from many perspectives and motivations. So that pillar will have a hierarchy like this:

1  about:
2  a lens with which to see more below:
3  objections you’re likely to have or see
4  a light touch and easier practice of EsSample+
5  a deeper practice
6  a full reference

(below that will be the ‘Other nutshells’ and ‘Other perspectives’, and ‘Related material’)