EsSample+ location, description

Neuroscience studying the mediation of self, behaviour and pathologies,

Ethics and politics implement the zeitgeist of acceptable activities and changes.

The social self (or rather the relationship of self to others and the group) lies between these two.

Philosophers provide insights to the social self.

Behavioural economics informs and refines the implementation as an external influence. Self-help and lifeskills do the same as internal influences.


There are few systematic pedagogies that seek to influence the implementation. There is a liberal, perhaps libertarian, underpinning that external organisations should not enter social, let alone private, behaviour. They are permitted entry to market behaviour.


There seems to be a large gap around equipping individuals in social and private behaviour, especially where private behaviour manifests itself into the social landscape.

This gap is between neuroscience and the implementation from the external and internal influences.


EsSample+ fills that gap. It provides the pedagogy and models to work in that space.

EsSample is the foundational description, and EsSample+ is EsSample in action.

EsSample is the theory, and EsSample+ is the practice (which is ironically still only in writing and therefore also theory – but I suppose it does have me as the practitioner)


Why is EsSample+ not been assembled before?

Because I attended to EsSample for the inside, and EsSolution for the globe.

Because I assumed explaining EsSample would catch on in the globe, but didn’t.

Then I assumed explaining EsSample would snowball into a completer narrative, but it didn’t.

Then I thought perspective snippets might catch on and/or snowball, but it didn’t.

The urge and requirement is still to have EsSample catch on and snowball. I deduce that I have to explain how to apply it (as it is used in EsSolution) in order to understand why it doesn’t catch on or snowball.