Some of the ‘perspective snippets’ are tight maxims and looser aphorisms. But most are just challenging statements.

An aphorism is a pithy statement of truth having more than one part. Each part has one meaning by itself, but which is incompatible with the other, and requires the reader to re-evaluate both to find a compatible or connected meaning. There’s probably only one perspective delivering this. Getting it is great, but the exercise in shifting perspectives is even greater.

The subject or content or implication of the aphorism must be profound and wide-reaching. Which means the initial take on the line, and the re-examination, must have impact. (If it’s not profound, then it’s just a clever soundbite).

Aphorisms are like jokes in the way they cause you to re-evaluate at the finish – but the re-evaluation in a joke does not go anywhere else. Whereas for the aphorism, you can ask yourself if your perspective shift will stick, or if it could apply to other subjects on which you have a perspective, or if it was just a good stretch of your cognitive sight and standpoint.

Have fun figuring out the way the perspectives stretch and shape you.