EsSample gives a model of our operation, and building block models of that operation. How it plays out in this human mind is EsSample+. The depiction in a bunch of models (currently pencil diagrams) is the descriptive portion. Actually applying EsSample to our insides, and to our perspective, and to our personal stuff, is the practice portion. A few positive and beneficial personal practices in the public domain share a footing in EsSample, and so overlap with EsSample+ and are included.

EsSample+ practice is where the rubber hits the road for each of us. It presents means of asking yourself what are top of your mind and life, and of expressing them such that they reveal either an underlier, or they complete and you move on, or they are just expressions of the wiring you have. In this respect, you can call EsSample+ another self-help. The difference is that self-help is not the point, and neither word is relevant.

EsSample+ depiction is a description and a route map that makes the subject negotiable in a common platform and parlance. This can be said of any faith or ontology, where it’s like a hammer seeing everything as a nail. The difference is that this hammer says the nails (models in the case of EsSample) are spotlighted only for the owner to practice on.

2016-09-16 More about EsSample+

EsSample+ takes the foundational propositions of EsSample into practice on us humans, specifically the 4th and 5th.

EsSample+ says you are agnostic, neglectful and unaware of your unconscious being dominant and central, and that your cognitive environment does not know of or work with the models it has of you and your world. EsSample+ explores those models so as to reveal enough of that unconscious dominance that you build an alternative and choiceful way of operating to replace its exclusive and silent dominance.

Put dramatically – you are born into an environment that is unguided and unstructured at best, and actively disabling at worst. At an early age in that environment you take a snapshot that fixes an unconscious internal model you have of yourself in relation to that snapshot. You live this model as yourself without knowing it exists or is you. Only accident or capability give you a relationship with this (unconscious internal model) that results in heading in the same direction as EsSample+. Most of us don’t have this fortune and we blunder on, directed and cut off by this hood over our head, in an environment full of sound and fury and no lights.

(It’s true that if you fill that environment with consistency and love, you have attachment and stability. But you’re still blind and running on instinct when persisting your fortune or extending it to others).

EsSample+ depicts how our modelling plays out in this human mind, and proposes that using a depiction in your own operation gives you more insight and choice in how you operate.

Your destiny or ability to get the depictions, and harness one to your own operation, varies between no chance (you’re allergic to this subject) to already doing it (accident or capability).

But the proof and value is in the practice and its outcome.

Using a depiction in your own operation leads to deliberate experiments and intentional manipulation of your role and perspective in the area you practice. This is true of any embodied exercise, but the extent of insight in EsSample+ is greater because it is the perspective you hold that ultimately being exercised and changed.


2016-08-01 Another EsSample+ nutshell: what does it do?

EsSample+ is a one-stop universal and ubiquitous explanation of how we work, and how we work with others and the world.

EsSample+ provides models for increasing choice in our experience.

EsSample+ provides models for delivering relationships with yourself and with others.

These two are EsSample+ being applied inwards to self. Both these depend on the extent that you are already available to act on what EsSample says and infers. (This is true for every belief system or ontology).

EsSample+ applies these principals externally for nudging others wherever they are open, in belief or behaviour, within internal, self, tribal, social, national, global and universe spaces.

EsSample+ addresses space dominated by unconscious identity.

So in a sentence: EsSample+ says you are agnostic, neglectful and unaware of your unconscious being core, and inverts it to primacy so as to expose its workings to deliberate experiments and intentional manipulation.


EsSample+ has traction only where the recipient is open to it. (This is true for every belief system or ontology). In particular where the recipient’s identity is available to change.

The occurrence of (human) minds with such an accessible identity seems non-existent. There doesn’t seem to be anyone who has this. So EsSample and EsSample+ are either plain wrong, or impossible to spread, or impossible to spontaneously occur. (This is true of every faith where divine intervention is mandatory).

The occurrence of the core practice (of modelling) in any pertinent discipline, such as in an ontology, philosophy, education etc is also low to non-existent. So there is no platform for the practice of modelling to shift minds into generating EsSample and EsSample+. (This is true for every new belief system or faith).

EsSample+ practices are principally on the unconscious modelling, so the tools of exponents and practitioners (if there were any) would by necessity have conscious and explanatory practices that are specific to the recipient and inconsistent with a generalised explanation – at least one that applied from the outside into the person’s mind.

The shifts promoted by almost all the other inclusive ontologies, philosophies, practices etc have a foot in EsSample+.