2016-10-08 Models as 3d vector representation

2015-06-16 Modelling is 3d vector representation, where pressure and vector movement are the principal and critical ingredient. Static objects have relevance and participation only from that movement and pressure. The amount of discrepancy detection & discrepancy tolerance achieved will indicate the amount and speed of future change available.


2015-12-17 …(shape in terms of bumps (over-expressions, denials, uncertainties) and gaps (blind spots, agnosias)


2013-06-02 The internal model is a model in the EsSample sense

The internal model is a model in the EsSample sense: 3d vector+momentum+mass. It is not a set of static features (labels) or properties (more labels) or relationships – these are one dimension of the internal model. In the absence of models in the public language, we have little chance of developing this.

It seems all minds (animals) have a variety of levels of abstraction into relationships. This ability is part of intelligence. They also have a variety of levels of relationship to self, their awareness of self as an entity in the landscape, from none (mind’s eye up against the windscreen) to EsSample (managing self as another pawn).

The ‘Montessori unconscious snapshot’ is a snapshot of relevant set of the labels / instances. The selection process must be using the relationship dimension that relies on abstraction. This is at a time where consciousness is not relevant or even an input in the child.


2011-01-31 ‘3dvector/pressure/mass&position (to the other entity) and movement’

Modelling tools for ‘potential’ energy depict static relative relationships (2 objects with a link labelled with the type of relationship). Call this a single dimensional.

Modelling tools for ‘dynamic’ energy in 2 dimensions would be vectors (velocity and direction). ‘3dvector/pressure/mass&position (to the other entity) and movement’. Not sure what a model of vectors depicts, but hey Ho. In 3 dimensions would be velocity, direction, mass / inertia.

EsSample modelling wants something like the above 3. (wavelength, pressure, vector / direction). From pressure and vector we can work out ……. something. (inertia is not appropriate as the only movement is discovery and this is without momentum or mass)