The current effort has three avenues.
They are presented in a structured style in order to organise, present and explain.
For you visiting, each will have a map or journey. The journey will have an entrée, a lens or map how most of you can get the idea, and a body. But not yet.

1 EsSample      how we work.
This is the original foundational and core idea.

2 EsSample+   applying it to ourselfs
This is what happens when we apply the foundational idea to everything we are and do.

3 EsSolution   where we steer the world from here on
This is mostly other wise peoples ideas. The ideas have a perspective consistent with EsSample, and/or have leverage in changing our world.


The challenges for this site arise from us being embedded in our world and engage new stuff only when it intrudes and sticks. The challenges are:

– the EsSample of this site challenges embeddedness, in particular the unavailable perspective each of us has. That’s an inherent immiscibility (unmixability) of the two.

– the content is currently only written ideas. Our perspective is experiential and embedded. These don’t meet. I’m a novice, the content doesn’t have much final shape, the presentation is not engageable even to web-open visitors experimenting with uprooting themselves.

The content’s shape will finalise, will have reader journeys (from light touch to heavier footprint) with maps, visualisations, spoken  versions, etc. Such enhancement will help such visitors. Future links to related and contributing material will extend only the spread and readership, but doesn’t directly help readers onboard.

‘0 Perspective snippets’ is a light touch sampling of perpectives from the three avenues. They depict perspectives en route from EsSample through EsSample+ to EsSolution.


‘essample’ is an old English word meaning example.

In the early days of figuring how we work, it seemed appropriate to present findings as an example rather than fact or theory. Hence … EsSample. (Actually, it was EnSample, but somebody had that domain name). Presenting it as an example would have taken the form of fiction or first person perspective – perhaps these are the same in my case.

In these later days, such a narrative became too distant a possibility. And more significantly – not forceful enough for depicting the disruption that onboarding the perspective leads to.

But the name stuck, and here we are. Anyway, the core idea and its consequences work. Work for me, and applies to everyone I see and meet.