EsSolution is intended to be a platform to assemble solutions for this planet, and the dominant West in particular. There appears to be no discipline or platform in which all the aspects of challenges and enlightened attention are collected in a single place. Or with a common theme and foundation such as EsSample.

The landscape is self, parenting, education, lifestyle, culture, infrastructure (social, material), and market/economics/social cost.

This platform amounts to a labels, key phrases, summary problems and solutions, and indexing other resources who attend to these.

Current directions include public banking (for allocation of created money), GPI (instead of GDP), Economy for the Common Good (and governance structures), reciprocity of ‘core’ economy and non-monetary services into timebanks in preparation for decoupling work from wage (automation & robotisation), mobilisation away from carbon and into ‘cradle to cradle’ production. Methods range from nudging to Stalinist five year plans.

Currently EsSolution is in a somewhat reductionist itemising and characterisation stage. It reflects the simplistic, mechanical and ideological nature of my view. I expect to convert the tables and contents to a collaborative wiki for all to contribute to.

How EsSolution relates to EsSample

The items in that landscape emerge from groups of minds (filial, tribal, social and outwards). To be ’emergent’ means they are not particularly predictable from, or attributable to, the minds from which they are spawned. A meme if you like.

But EsSample says it’s all modelling. That means both our relation (membership, constituency) to those items, and the representation of the items when we talk about them, are best approached as models. It still surprises me that these are two different species of models, have little overlap, and are best considered separately.

To be specific with an instance:

EsSample asks what discrepancy or issue you have on ‘parenting’, and cares more about your relationship to it and more about resolving that and cares less about the subject itself. (EsSample+ will find the issue is about affirmation, discrepancies and identity in the owner’s mind).

EsSample asks how to change parenting entities (institutions, processes, etc) to more support how we work. Specifically enabling affirmation of constituents and disabling invalidation of constituents (and supporting the other EsSample facets of how we work). And to have the institutions themselves follow EsSample in becoming more ‘model’ and less ‘thing’ to its members, more expressing and less identity, more metacognitive etc. (EsSample says it’s all modelling, so deal with it as a model, and don’t bring your issues to the table).

These two aspects of institutions are completely unrelated in reality, and have little in common. They are certainly best considered as two completely different models in order to focus on fixing them.

2016-08-23 What does EsSolution do?

EsSolution diagnoses these entities in the predominantly Western culture, the one I live in, and prescribes solutions. The solutions are pre-existing and all drawn from public media, albeit minority outlets. (EsSample and EsSample+ define the selection criteria, but are separate from these emergent entities).

These solutions may already exist (now, or in the past, or on paper), or need to be created. EsSolution prescribes ways forward for these entities to apply to in their space, and within themselves. (It seems appropriate to use their existing processes reformulated with the EsSolution agenda and core (where they are already aligned enough with the solution), or to undertake Neurathian reconfiguration (where they are not).

There is a space between EsSample and EsSolution where EsSample+ provides mental models, approaches and practices to individuals within those entities. Most of these practices are also in the public domain, and carry justification from evidence or common sense. They do not have a common framework in which they can be allied for joined up usage. EsSample+ and EsSolution should provide this. I haven’t catalogued these practices because their selection will be a first and natural outcome of applying EsSample (and EsSolution).

Why – heritage from EsSample.

EsSample specifies how and why we work. EsSkeleton and EsSolution will implement it such that the zeitgeist is made visible as an ’emperor with no clothes’, and specifies methods that change unwitting adherents to witting practitioners of growth, or reveal witting adherents as saboteurs of that measurable growth.

So EsSample specifies the foundation of how we work, at sufficient depth and simplicity that it applies to any manifestation or implementation in our world. (EsSkeleton contains the rules to implement that, and EsSolution is the practice and heaven forbid the policy. Building upon their foundational predecessor should mean that questions are traceable to their underlier, and in most cases therefore available to ok / bad / irrelevant).

So the landscape of how we work has to be revealed and specified, and rules and methods directly tied each significant feature in that landscape.

Such that wherever you start your work or evaluation, you can call upon foundational rules, methods and guidance that are sufficiently connected to how we work that you can touch the part of the person you are working with.

And then working outwards from that foundation, and from that part of the mind you are working with, you (or rather EsSolution) can determine if a practice or regulation or target harms, or helps or is irrelevant to that growth.

That measure has to be methodologically defendable to authorities, who are the perpetuators of the zeitgeist. The measure will share the difficulty of other evidence-based practices – that the zeitgeist still runs more on historic belief than evidence, and so needs pushing to include evidence in their current endemic lack of evidence-based policies.

What’s the name for the wiki platform for EsSkeleton and EsSuasion?

Why? – the headline

The low road in the future includes:

A value-agnostic unaware self.

As a parent delivering more disability and damage than equipping and growth.

Under an education skewed to perpetuating and exacerbating the disability inwards to self, and outwards to others.

Having a cognitive map chained to a lifestyle & culture with insufficient chinks to improve.

In an incoherent social infrastructure more embedded in strife and dysfunction than collaboration.

Operating in digital serfdom with unequal access to social and material facilities and infrastructure neglected or denied by an oligarchy.

A self-perpetuating oligarchy resulting from, and perpetuating, an economy that operates at the frontier of collapse.

A frontier of survival mitigation on a planet with a runaway climate directly antagonistic to the current population.