EsSample gives an explanation and model of what a mind does at its foundation. That foundation is well below the level of presumption, preoccupation and compulsion with which we operate. So as foundation it permits no excuse for not working at that level.

‘Working at that level’ means either undertaking thought experiments on how we might be operating, or actually applying EsSample+ (which has this model as its foundation). Both these expose the presumption, preoccupation and compulsion with which we operate.

At its gentlest, EsSample provides the foundation and ground rules for you and your conversationist to do thought experiments, and see where they take you.

At its harshest, it gives foundation and reason for EsSample+ to dig yourself or your conversationist out of your comfort zones, and disrupt the presumption, preoccupation and compulsion with which you operate.

Because the theory and model (of EsSample) is implemented into practice (within EsSample+), there’s no clear boundary between the two. EsSample+ is how EsSample plays out in this human mind.

2016-08-23 What does EsSample do?

The ‘great new idea’ of EsSample is that modelling is all minds do, and unconscious modelling is most of what earth minds do. Or more specifically that treating a mind as a modeller, and making models central to investigating ourselves and our emergent phenomena, is the most productive and revealing ‘way forward’.

This idea gives a way of talking about minds that is currently an opaque or black box. It provides a universal currency in understanding (modelling) minds, and in exchange of ideas (models) about the mind and its emergent phenomena.

(Any idea such as emotion, or belief, or God etc could serve the same purpose, but none of these others have the same universal and adaptable application, or leverage).

On that foundational brick of models is built the other EsSample ideas of identity, discrepancy between models, discrepancy sensitivity, discrepancy intolerance and all the other implications documented elseswhere. These are the inward facing application of modelling.


EsSample gives a model of our operation, and building block models of that operation. How it plays out in this human mind is EsSample+. The depiction in a bunch of models (currently pencil diagrams) is the descriptive portion. Actually applying EsSample to our insides, and to our perspective, and to our personal stuff, is the practice portion. A few positive and beneficial personal practices in the public domain have sufficient overlap with EsSample+, and are included.


EsSolution is intended to be a platform to assemble solutions for this planet. The areas are self, parenting, education, lifestyle, culture, infrastructure (social, material), and market/economics/social cost. The solutions are selected from the public domain for their relevance and capability, and less for their current traction. Where they overlap with how we work or how we practice, they abide with EsSample or EsSample+.